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Monarch Social Media was built to help businesses build strong relationships with their target customers.

Who we are

Our founder, Holly Medwid, started Monarch Social Media with one goal in mind: helping businesses build strong relationships with their target customers. With a decade-plus foundation in marketing strategy, Holly and our team focus on creating social media plans and utilizing proven tactics to achieve business success.

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The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

Social media can be incredibly powerful — with the right strategy. Steve Dinelli from Marketer Interview interviewed our founder, Holly Medwid, and delved into the Power of Social Media, exploring how and why Monarch Social Media was started, the tools we use, and the focus of successful social media management.

Monarch Social Media
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Holly Medwid?

Holly is the founder of Monarch Social Media, built on a foundation of ethical business practices – for both the clients she represents and her hardworking team – with tangible growth in mind. What does “ethical” social media mean and why does it matter? Find out. 

Why social media?

Social media is how all individuals and businesses communicate to the people and customers they care about. Holly started working in social media well over a decade ago, and the industry, platforms, and how people use them have changed considerably. The point of social media has not, however. Effective communication is key to driving results for businesses and individuals alike, and social media is the catalyst. 

Do you offer any other marketing services?

We offer community management services to help businesses effectively engage with their followers and build relationships. This includes responding to comments and messages and fostering a positive online community through advanced engagement practices. We also offer email marketing services to choice clients to help support their existing marketing strategies. 

If you are looking for web design or development services, copywriting and blogs, or other forms of marketing, we’ll be happy to make a suitable recommendation. 

What clients do you work with?

We work with clients across many industries — from entrepreneurs to contract-based businesses to agencies, we develop social media strategies catered to the client, their target audiences and their industry. Interested in our services? Book a discovery call.

Can I be on your podcast?

We’re slowly building up a roster of clients and suitable topics. If you’re interested in joining us on our podcast, tell us why here!