Social Media Learnings from the Entrepreneur’s Enigma Podcast

Our founder, Holly Medwid, was recently on the Entrepreneurs Enigma podcast, hosted by Seth Goldstein, discussing her entrepreneurial adventures, passion for social media, and her unique approach to business. Listen to the full podcast interview on the Entrepreneurs Enigma website.

Social Media: Strategy to Implementation

Social media is no different than any other entrepreneurial focus, except that it lives solely in the rapidly evolving digital realm. One of the main points of emphasis for social media success is to stay grounded and focused on the goals – don’t let your future aspirations overshadow your current opportunities. Although strategy is about preparing for successful implementation, living in the present moment has a lot of significance, even in the world of social media. Focusing on the ‘now’ is a critical aspect of entrepreneurial success — your strategy should focus on the opportunities and trends that are relevant. Being present is a critical aspect of entrepreneurial success.

Social Media Misconceptions

One of the main misconceptions around social media management is that it involves mindlessly copy-pasting messages to a broad audience. True social media success demands a deeper understanding of the target audience, tailored messaging, and authentic engagement. This misconception undermines the strategic and creative aspects of effective social media management.

There is a real need for genuine engagement and tailored communication strategies rather than relying on spammy tactics. Flooding social media platforms with low-quality content not only fails to engage the audience but can also damage a brand’s reputation. Quality content that resonates with your audience is far more impactful than a barrage of mediocre posts. The truth is that many believe that social media efforts should yield immediate results and that success is measured solely by instant likes and shares. Engagement, conversions, and authentic interactions hold more significance than sheer numbers. A smaller but engaged and relevant follower base can yield better results than a large, disinterested audience.

Building a strong online presence and a loyal audience takes time, consistency, and strategic planning. Social media is an ongoing process that requires patience and a focus on long-term goals.

Social Media is a Joint Effort

Managing social media for a brand involves multiple dimensions, from content creation and scheduling to engagement, monitoring, and crisis management. Collaborative efforts, diverse skill sets, and a team approach are often essential for success. The importance of strategy, authenticity, and continuous effort requires the insights and feedback from all the key players in a business – including, and especially, the target audience. If you learn anything from this podcast, it’s that a more informed and effective approach to social media management is at your fingertips. Maximize the potential of social media for your business and book a discovery call to learn more about our approach.

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