The Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Followers on Social Media

Before we dive into this topic

that comes up at least once a week with our clients, we have to share this important information: Followers are a vanity metric. Your focus should be on engagement rate. 

Why do we say this? Too often it’s assumed that a high follower count means increased revenue. This isn’t always the case if your following hasn’t been grown organically and with intention. 

Engagement rate is by far the most important metric on social media. The algorithm is more likely to show your content to a higher number of people if the algorithm sees that followers are engaging with your content 

Here are some simple do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to growing followers on social media. 


  • Buy followers
    This won’t help you because your followers won’t actually convert into customers. In fact, having a huge follower-to-engagement discrepancy makes your accounts look unprofessional and inauthentic. Be true to your audience.
  • Mass follow
    Like buying followers, this strategy will only create a gulf between your following accounts and your followers. If you mass follow, you’re just engaging with random accounts, and those accounts you’re following don’t necessarily produce value for your brand. 
  • Join engagement groups/pods

This might seem like an easy, appealing strategy, but in reality, this again just limits the potential of you or your business being found by people who actually need your products and services. By all means, engage with people that are relevant to your business, but don’t expect that pods created solely for increasing followers will have any impact on your revenue—in fact, fake engagements and fake followers could actually deter your audience from interacting with you! 


  • Post high quality content

The more you show your followers and the world who you are and what you offer, the more those people who want your products and services will find you—if they can find your content, and like it! If you’re creating content with your audience in mind, on the platforms they’re on and on a set schedule when they’re online, that content will resonate.

  • Engage with current followers

Focus on what you have—your current followers matter as much as, if not more, than your future followers. The people who follow your accounts now are actually your best advertising avenue. Word of mouth remains the absolute best way to market your brand, and the followers you have now are the ones that will pass on the message. Genuine interactions with your followers will ensure they remember you, and that you make an impact on their day. When you have a positive interaction with a follower, that person on the other end of the screen will remember that when they’re making purchasing decisions.

  • Organically target new followers

Besides getting your current followers to spread the word about your brand, products, and services, you can also find similar followers in their followers and by following the hashtags or keywords that matter to them. Organic means not through advertising or any elaborate strategy, but through simple, real engagement with and following of accounts that authentically want the content you’re posting, and the brand and business behind it. 

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